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Floval Group
We select, produce and offer you a controlled production and adapted solutions throught the seasons!

FLOVAL LLC is a French company that thrives since 1990 and has achieved in 2015 a turnover of € 6.4M in France,  more than 720 000 € in Lithuania and more than 166 000 euros in Belarus.

Our headquarters, located in Brittany (near the city of Rennes, in France), reflects our commitments to respect the environment and our choice to perfectly master the production.

For many years FLOVAL manages hundreds of acres of forests in the west of France, ensuring expertise and invaluable experience.
Quality control

We perfectly manage and monitor our production line due to our trusted staff and a great flexibility to ensure affordable prices and the best quality.

Reliable partner

Floval is one of the leaders on the demanding and highly competitive French market. You can find our products in many other European countries. For many years, the biggest retail distribution chains are confident in the quality and the reliability of FLOVAL´s products.

Competent partner:

Being present on the markets sensitive to the seasonality as well as to climate variations, we were able to adapt us to different changes and unforeseen events. We are operating on the markets according to emerging trends by constantly developing new products. We strive to offer a wide and comprehensive range of products that will accompany you throughout the year.
 Our ranges:
All the FLOVAL products complement each other and offer thoughtful solutions to your needs whether in cold or warm season. By choosing Floval, you will work with a reliable supplier who offers you various products able to fully satisfy the final consumer.
As one of the market leaders in each of our product lines (listed below), we work in compliance with environmental standards and maintain our efforts in this direction.
FLOVAL Open-Air:
  • Outdoor green plants (Thuyas and fir tree). 
  • Candle-log Ambiance: lovely and pleasant, it will brighten and will warm up the atmosphere.
  • Solutions for landscaping: fences, flooring, plant holder, etc. 
  • Pickets and stakes from oak or acacia wood.


  • BBQ, braziers and wrought iron products .
  • Charcoal, coal briquettes, grapevine wood for grilling.
  • Firewood, small wood chips and kindling, as well as maintenance and cleaning solutions for fireplaces and grills.
  • Lighting and fire maintaining products of French production; in cubs, liquid or gel: traditional solutions and ecologic range (100% green).

FLOVAL Christmas:

  • Trimmed Christmas trees, in pots or containers (large pots). 6 species:
    • Nordmann Fir (Abies Nordmanniana ),
    • Nobilis Fir (Abies ),
    • Epicea (ordinary European Fir, common),
    • Grand Fir (Abies grandis),
    • Fraseri,
    • Lasiocarpa,
  • Stands for Christmas trees: metal or wood.
  • FLOVAL offers personalized services tailored to your needs for its Christmas range: tent rental, packaging machinery (for firs), box- pallet delivery for optimum safety during the transportation and advice on the product and its commercialization.
 Floval over the years:
  • 1990 - Creation of Floval LLC.
  • 1991 - Start of the Christmas Trees activity.
  • 1997 - Reorganization of the coal and wood production for more efficiency: establishment of branches in Lithuania and Hungary.
  • 1999 - Range expansion: firewood and charcoal.
  • 2007 - Creation of ´Nordmann Breton Association´ joining together the trees producers with the support of the Chamber of Agriculture.
  • 2008 - Start of exports to Russia.
  • 2010 - Creation of Floval RUS Ltd., commercial company with head office in Moscow.
  • 2010 - Creation of the production company Floval Energy in France, Missillac 
  • 2012 - Creation of the production company Floval PROD Ltd. in Russia, Ershichi Smolensk region (firewood, coal and other lighting products).
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