Christmas range  
Floval sas - "La Rosière"
35340 La Bouexière - France
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Christmas range
 Services :
Gencoded fir trees, in box or roll on pallets. Full truck delivery to your platforms or in stores.

We propose you fir trees of all sizes (from 0.80 to 12 m), or different species and of different qualities (extra, 1st choice, common quality), in pot or in container.

 Know-how :
The Christmas tree is not a 'stolen from the nature' product but a result of a professional work.

It is a whole culture that requires several years of care and maintenance.

We steadily control our production during all steps of the growing, from the birth in our nursery.

Then, the Christmas trees are classified in 3 quality choices according to the strict quality code throughout the production and distribution line.

 The aim of our services is to simplify the distribution, the presentation and the sale of Christmas trees:
  • Preparation of the orders and delivery on small and adapted pallets according to needs : small box in containers or small pallets for cut fir tree. It allows to stop the preparations for the next orders.
  • Sales training : our teams assure the sales, the control of stocks and restocking.
  • Information on the retail outlets with the providing of panels ILV.
  • Adapted packaging : fir trees in nets, plastic bag on the pots assuring cleanness, size of the base of fir trees.
  • Gencode with color code to identify the quality of fir trees.

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